jamesancalime asked:

Hi, first off let me say that you are incredibly talented. Quite an amazing artist. I saw your fashion friday Dagur, and really loved it, It was amazing. I wanted to ask a question based on that, I am writing a Hijack (with a little bit of Dagcup) fanfiction, and I was wondering if when I update it I could post a link to that post, its exactly how i've been imagining my Dagur. Of course you don't have to allow it at all, but I'd really like it if I could give a visual representation of the him.

Hello there! Oh my goodness thank you so much for your compliments!

Of course you can link to my drawing, I would be flattered! You should totally send me a link to your work, too. Neither of those pairings are really my thing but I’d love to take a look at it! :D

Anonymous asked:

WATCH THE BOOK THREE OF KORRA. YOU WILL NOT REGRET IT. It's on the nick website and there are other ways of watching it too. You can buy it on Amazon. You get to go back to Ba Sing Se and see the Earth Queen. The villains are interesting (There's a combustion lady!). The new characters are great. We get to see another side of Lin. Though I must warn you, the finale will wreck you.

Ah okay guys I have so many messages telling me to watch book three of korra and how awesome it is. I’m gonna start tonight, I promise. I’ll keep ya’ll updated on the feels.

Fandom Fashion Friday! Anonymous requested Dagur in 70’s punk clothes. You can always request punk clothes! Having had a punk phase, that fashion style is near and dear to my heart. (Then I was super girly and now i’m what, retro-preppy? Idk man)

Aw and thank you! You guys are too nice to me! :)

Is there something you want to see? Feel free to give me a suggestion! My suggestion box is starting to get a little low so don’t be shy! 




"You can’t fight the past."
"I can try."

Kick! Start! It’s all in the mind.
The crowdfunding campaign for DownRight Fierce is live!

It’s a graphic novel project I’m hoping to work on with sakura-rose12, paying tribute to Street Fighter while telling an original story about young women fighters and themes concerning how we deal with the passing of time.

See the full concept gallery at our Facebook page and DeviantArt group, and look to the “Updates” section on our Kickstarter for in-depth posts regarding details of the characters and plot.

(art above by Sakura-Rose12 and Shannon ehrola)

“If you are depressed, you are living in the past.
If you are anxious, you are living in the future.
If you are at peace, you are living in the present.”

― Lao Tzu

Hey everyone! I’m here to ask for your help!

I’ve been asked to help out with a graphic novel called DownRight Fierce, as you can see above! It’s a pretty cool story and I would love if you all wanted to see it!

The Kickstarter is live now, so please have a look!

Hey guys! My friend has launched his kickstarter for his original comic “Down Right Fierce!” The concept art I’ve been working on recently has been for this project and he’s hoping to work with this wonderful indy artist to produce it.

If you like comics, stories about a diverse cast of female characters, and video games like Street Fighter then you’ve GOT to check this out!

If you can’t donate, please spread the word! 

Anonymous asked:

Have you watched the latest season of Korra?

No actually I haven’t! The promotion for season three was so terrible that I  actually missed the first three episodes because I had no idea it had even started! Thankfully my automatic DVR was still set up from season two, but when I went to watch them it was doing that pixely-skip thing that the TV does sometimes when there’s a crap signal so I just threw up my hands and went “I’ll watch them later” and…. never did? And now it’s over apparently!

Is it any good? I’ve heard so many mixed reviews, and after the let down that was season two I don’t know if I should watch it or just leave it.